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What is it?

We specialize in Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and our physicians have more than 20 years managing PAD. Interventional Radiology (IR) is a minimally invasive medical specialty that treats such painful conditions without major surgery.
Some IR procedures we provide include catheter insertion, stent replacement. We also offer needle biopsies, which involves taking soft tissue through the needle to study it for disease. In addition, pain and neck pain can be healed through kyphoplasty, wherein the doctor injects a cement mixture into the spine to increase its strength and reduce pain.

Due to its noninvasive nature, the recovery time or IR is much shorter than for surgery. This makes it an efficient way to treat and manage pain with less risks of complications.

IR Procedures

Interventional radiology contains a wide range of different procedures. Your preparation instructions for your procedure may vary. Below, we provide a list of all the interventional radiology & pain management procedures we provide:
• PAD & Pain Management
• Abdominal Angiograms
• Biopsies
• Endovenous Ablation
• Catheter Placements